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School Time!



he Plentywood Clinic has been busy giving school immunizations.  All kindergartners needed a DTaP, OPV, and MMR immunizations.  Sixth graders should have a tetanus booster and possibly a 2nd MMR if they havenít already had one.  After that tetanus boosters are recommended every 10 years.

                Influenza season will be starting soon.  We will begin vaccinations in late October.  Watch The Sheridan Co. News and The Greeter for this yearís Flu Clinic schedules.  Flu shots this year will again be $10.

            Pneumonia shots are also available for $21.   It is recommended that anyone over the age of 65, those with high risk diseases, such as COPD, asthma, diabetes, etc., should also be vaccinated.  If you have had a pneumonia shot within the last 10 years, it is good for a lifetime.  If  it has been longer than 10 years, you should have a booster.

      If you havenít already noticed, Maurice Street which runs on the west side of the clinic is undergoing some construction.  They are in the process of replacing the water lines to the clinic and hospital.  This is a very old water line and usually guarantees several water breaks each winter.  So the city has decided it is time to replace the entire water line.  Construction started around August 11th and will continue until approximately September 1st.  At that time the construction is scheduled to be complete and Maurice Street will be drivable, but not paved.  The paving will be done at a later date.

                In the mean time parking has become a great challenge.  We would like to save parking spots around the west side door for a handicap entrance.  There are a few parking spots on Highland Ave, Laurel Ave, and also in front of the swimming pool. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope now we wonít have to deal with water breaks this winter.


Did You Know?


            Last year the Plentywood Clinic purchased a Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer.  The Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer fulfills a unique role in the assessment and management of osteoporosis.  The intended use of the Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer is to perform quantitative ultrasound measurement of the calcaneus (heel bone), the results of which can be used in conjunction with other clinical risk factors as an aid to the physician in the diagnosis of osteoporosis and medical conditions leading to  reduced bone density, and ultimately in the determination of fracture risk.

                The test takes approximately 20 seconds and the Saharaís internal printer produces a hardcopy documentation of the results.  The fee for the Sahara is approximately $40.  Bone loss is something that all women should be concerned about.  Protect yourself from bone loss, call today and schedule your appointment for a Sahara.


Disease Management

Clinic Update

                We have had such good results from our Diabetic and INR Disease Management Clinics, that we are going to add to them.  We are now adding Congestive Heart Failure and Hypertension Clinics to our Disease Management program.

                The goal of the program is to educate the patient about their disease, help them understand the disease process, explain diagnostic tests required to manage the disease, recognize treatment options and identify lifestyle modifications to reduce the risk of complications.  This is all done through individual appointments with a nurse educator.  During these visits, the patient will be given the tools necessary to take control of their disease and manage it themselves.  They

will be able to ask questions, have their test results explained to them on an individual basis, and given education material to take home with them.  All education is provided through the nurse and Dr. Stoner will continue to do all medical management for the patient.  In return what we hope to do is reduce the number of hospital admissions and overall costs of care for the patient.

            All patients with hypertension or congestive heart failure will be receiving a letter in the near future with


further details.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Disease Management Clinic, please call the Plentywood Clinic at 406-765-1501 and tell the receptionist that you would like to schedule an appointment with the Disease Management Clinic.

                Disease management nurse educators are Lisa Fawcett, RN and Nancy Lasar, RN.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of them during office hours.


All doctor visits are by appointment only.  The following is a schedule for the Plentywood Clinic.


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                                                THURSDAY  AM  ONLY


                                                SAT  9 - 11 (WALK-INS)

A. SKORPIL, PAC              MONDAY



To make an appointment with either Dr. Stoner or Mrs. Skorpil, you need to call the Plentywood Clinic at 406-765-1501

Emergency room protocol dictates that unless you specifically request the services of your own family physician, you may be assigned to the ER doctor on call.  If you have any questions, please call the Plentywood Clinic at 406-765-1501.