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The Plentywood Clinic will be closed on April 21st which is Good Friday, as well as Saturday April 22nd.  We will be open for regular hours on Monday April 24th.




            Asthma is a lung disease that can be treated.  Asthma differs from person to person and from one episode (attack) to another.  For some, asthma causes only mild symptoms once in a while.  For others, every day can be a struggle to breathe.  Some asthma attacks last only a few minutes - others go on for days.  Some asthma attacks are just a bother, while others quickly become life-threatening.

            When a disease is as unpredictable as asthma, it can be hard to understand and control.  But, with proper education, millions of people with asthma lead full, active lives with little disruption of work, school, family, and social activities.

            The end of April or the beginning of May, we will begin our Asthma Clinics. Chuck Welch, a Respiratory Therapist from Billings, will be doing an initial assessment and teaching.  After that, patients will be scheduling 1/2 to 1 hours appointments with the Nurse Asthma Clinic.  During this time we will review previous test results, do prevention education, and evaluate effects of respiratory medication.  It is our goal to educate the patient in order to cut down on the

amount of “severe asthma attacks” which require emergency room or hospital admissions. 

            We feel very fortunate to have Mr. Welch, RT, assist us in educating our patients.  He will also be available in the future for review and follow up information.  Information letters will be sent out later this month to all asthma and COPD patients.  If you have any questions, you can call the clinic.


 Nurse Clinics


            Due to the positive response we have been getting from our patients, Dr. Stoner and his nurse’s continue to provide the best education programs possible. 

            Currently we have in place the Diabetic Clinic which we have done extremely well with.  The Mountain Pacific Diabetic Foundation audits our patient charts and in just over a year our patient Hemoglobin A1Cs have gone down by 1.4 points.  This is a tremendous improvement and reassures us that our clinics are improving our patients health.

            With INR-Protime Clinics, we have blood results in approximately 2 minutes.  We then can make the appropriate changes and have the patients back on their way much quicker.  This is more convenient than in the past when we had to draw the blood, send it to the lab, and wait 2-3 days for results.

            With the Congestive Heart Failure Clinic we have been able to monitor our patients more closely, educate them regarding their disease process, prevent complications and decrease hospitalizations

Medication Assistance


            As a courtesy The Plentywood Clinic  assists qualified patients in applying for Indigent Drug Programs.  Indigent Drug Programs are offered by various drug companies and generally supply the medication at no cost or low cost.  Each  drug company has their own application form and qualifications requirements.  Once one qualifies, they then need to re-apply every 90 days for refills.  The pharmaceuticals do not automatically send additional supplies.

            General guidelines for qualifying for this program are:

            1)  Income requirements of $15,000 gross annual income for one person household and $25,000 gross annual income for a two person household.

            2)  Only a minimal amount in a savings or checking account.

            3)  No IRA’s, CD’s, retirement funds, or other income producing assets.

            4)  If you have a prescription insurance plan, are a VA patient, or have other medication assistance you will not qualify. 

            These programs require proof of income, including income tax returns, social security statement, paycheck stubs for the previous last three months, etc.

            With the rising cost of medication, we realize how important these programs are to our patients.  Therefore, we do our best in assisting patients with the application process.  The biggest responsibility still remains with the patient to ensure they complete the application request and re-applications in a timely manner.  This is a courtesy service.  The clinic itself has no affiliation with the individual drug companies or input into their policies or financial qualifications.


Menopause Workshop


            In January of this year, Planned Parenthood and The Plentywood Clinic presented a Menopause Workshop.  The guest speaker was Jean Braden, APRN,

who has been working in women’s health for the past 15 years.  There were 35 women who attended the workshop and since then we have had nothing but excellent comments and request for another workshop. Therefore, in the near future we will be presenting another Menopause Workshop.  When a definite date has been scheduled, we will be advertising this in the local papers and on the radio.  So watch the paper and listen to the radio so you don’t miss out on this one!




            The Plentywood Clinic is now giving Hyalgan (Synvisc) injections.  This approved medication acts somewhat like a lubricant which is injected into the knee.  In patients with osteoarthritis the synovial fluid begins to decrease therefore, the bony prominence above and below the knee begin rubbing on each other, causing pain and decrease mobility.  In cases which simple analgesic or acetaminophen have been unsuccessful, this is another option.  Hyalgan (Synvisc) is given in a regimen of 5 injections.  One injection per week for 5 weeks.  This may be repeated after 6 months if they have proven successful for the patient.





All doctor visits are by appointment only.  The following is a schedule for the Plentywood Clinic.


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                                                SAT  9 - 11 (WALK-INS)

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To make an appointment with either Dr. Stoner or Amber Skorpil, you need to call the Plentywood Clinic at 406-765-1501