Although most healthy consenting adults are candidates for aesthetic light therapy, there are several precautions that need to be exercised.  If you have any recent cuts, open sores or active skin diseases, the treatments should be postponed until these have healed.  If you have unusual skin sensitivities such as easy burning, vertiligo (isolated areas of loss of pigment), keloid scar formation or other condition that concerns you, this should be discussed before treatment.  If you are taking treatments that reduce your ability to fight infection or result in slow healing or have illnesses that are not under adequate medical control, you should discuss them before treatments commence.


For all IPL treatments, other than hair removal using the R or Rs heads, natural and tanning bed sun tans will interfere with the treatment.  In general, you should refrain from tanning and wait until your natural skin color has returned before undergoing treatment. 


Although well tolerated, these treatments can have temporary visible effects.  These effects are usually well controlled with a light application of a cover-up make-up, but can, rarely, be visually distracting.  It is not wise to initiate treatments just before important events such as trips, important social gatherings, portrait photography, etc.  Postponing booster treatments or initial treatments does not have any effect on the long term success of your light based therapy.