We are pleased to announce the addition of light based skin treatments to the services that we offer our patients.  Although treatments are generally considered aesthetic some common skin lesions such as warts and seborrheic keratosis are well treated with the device, without the need for injected local anesthetics.  Treatments that are immediately available include dramatic reductions and often elimination of wartrs, spider veins, unwanted hair, sunspots, and skin discoloration due to rosacea, birth marks and aging.  Spas and cosmetic surgery emporiums often refer to these as ‘photo-facials’ and ‘laser’ treatments.  The Starlux device that we have purchased is state of the art and has the capability of adding treatments for fine wrinkles, ‘cellulite’, and acne depending on patient demand and acceptance.  These treatments are not meant to supplant plastic surgery, but, rather enhance the benefits that accrue from cosmetic surgery.


Previously, these unwanted skin imperfections, were difficult to treat and required various forms surgery and destructive techniques that were often painful and inconsistent in benefit.  With the advent of light based therapies, that has changed.  As a patient, you know that light can be harmful to the skin; most of us have had a painful sunburn.  The sunlight damages all cells in the outer layers of skin.  The revolution in light based therapy of skin imperfections was finding that light could be manipulated in order to cause damage to only the unwanted cells, leaving the rest of the skin intact.


The Starlux device refines these techniques to a unique degree and is coupled with a skin cooling head that reduces discomfort during application of the treatment.  Two basic treatment techniques are available with the Starlux: IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and true LASER (NdYAG).  There is more information available for each of the techniques at our office or on our website.  Except for warts, these treatments are generally considered cosmetic and not covered by any insurance.  We are happy to answer any questions and offer free consultations if you desire.