Your treatments will usually be initiated with the taking of photographs of the area to be treated to document the pretreatment condition that is being treated.  Then a trial application of 3-6 bursts of light will be administered to determine the safest energy level of  light to be used.  Following this, there is an observation period of 30 minutes for Caucasian races and 24-48 hours for deeply suntanned Caucasian, or natural Hispanic and Black races before treatments can commence.  Immediately before the treatment is started, any excess hair in the treatment area will be removed by shaving and protective eyewear will be supplied and used for the duration of the treatment.  Following the observation period, the technician will apply a contact gel to the body area to be treated and the treatments will be administered.  The contact gel is used to standardize the treatments.  You will feel a slight ‘snapping’ sensation (not unlike the snapping of a rubber  band) with the triggering of the device during the active phase of the treatment.  Depending on the procedure that is going to be done, you may have some removable ink registration marks applied to your skin to guide the placement of the device head.  The treatments will then be applied.  Depending on the cosmetic treatment that you have chosen this can take anywhere from a few minutes for reduction of upper lip facial hair to over 30 minutes for hair reduction on a male back.  With some treatments, we routinely apply cool gel packs for 5-15 minutes that reduce redness.


Following the treatment, you will be asked to apply an emollient cream to the treated area twice daily and avoid excess sunlight by the application of a SPF or wearing of covering clothing for a period of two weeks.  You may well experience a light pink coloration of the treated area and a vague tightness for a day or two following the procedure.   Within a week or so, there is often a flaking of the superficial skin followed by return to normal.  Depending on the treatment chosen, you will be asked to return in 2-4 weeks for observation and possibly repeat treatments.  If no treatments are needed or desired, you will not be charged for this visit.  The number of treatments needed will depend upon the aesthetic effect chosen and your individual response to the therapy.  The primary determinant of the number of treatments needed is your level of satisfaction with the result.