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Telephone: 406-765-1501      

 FAX: 406-765-1506

Snail Mail: 448 West Laurel Avenue

                    Plentywood, Montana, 59254

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E-mail:  We are presently experimenting with E-mail communications with our patients.  So far this is unchartered territory for us and we do not know what its overall utility is going to be.  We do not feel that it is an appropriate venue for doctor patient communication regarding a specific disorder.  This is usually a private matter that is best reserved for the consultation room or exam room.  However, e-mail should be a very helpful tool for communicating administrative information.  We request that you address:
Insurance questions to

Payment inquiries to

Appointment requests to

Prescription refill requests to   


Be advised that prescription requests are not automatic.  Many medications require monitoring and supervision and this generally means that the patients are seen with some regularity at the office.  We do realize that there can be extenuating circumstances.  When making a request for a refill at an out-of-town pharmacy, please include their e-mail address, fax number, or both.