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What are aesthetic phototherapy treatments?  Either a laser light or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devise is used to remove or reduce unsightly skin blemishes. More

What blemishes can be treated?  Any skin defect that has excess pigment or blood vessels respond well to phototherapy.  These include, but are not limited to: unwanted hair on any body area, ‘age spots’, spider veins, warts, acne, cherry angiomas, port-wine birth marks, rosacea.  See the following links for more information on the specific lesions.  These are links to brochures, you will have to use your scroll bar to view them well: Acne, Vascular Lesions, Photofacials, Hair Reduction

How does it work?  Any of us who have had a sunburn, know that light can damage skin.  The Starlux aesthetic phototherapy device that the Plentywood Clinic uses, refines light through a computerized process that targets only specific parts of the skin to remove unwanted blemishes by causing light related damage to them while leaving normal skin minimally affected.

What is a photofacial?  The face and neck get a lot of sun exposure over the years and the skin in these areas often develops fine veins, redness, and brown spots that are unwanted.  With a photofacial, the treatment light is passed over the entire area of the face or the neck to reduce these blemishes, rather than targeting one or two specific spots.

Is phototherapy permanent?  Some unwanted blemishes can take 3-6 treatments to resolve to a satisfactory degree.  These areas will not return, however, the photo damage has occurred over the entire sun exposed area of skin, and new ‘age spots’ and redness can develop.  Of course, these new areas can be treated.

Will it hurt?  The feeling of the light being pulsed is not unlike that of a rubber band being snapped against the skin.  The Palomar Starlux system is the most up-to-date system presently on the market and was designed specifically to reduce the discomfort of aesthetic treatments.  Previous laser and light systems caused discomfort because they heated the skin excessively and often concentrated their effect on a very small area of skin which required multiple pulses of light and resulted in more discomfort.  The Starlux system has contact skin cooling to reduce the heat of the light, a larger head size to allow fewer pulses of light for the same effect, and computer controlled delivery of the light pulse that is less uncomfortable.  For the very sensitive individual, pre and post skin cooling or even topical anesthetics can be used to reduce the discomfort.

What will it cost?  Follow this link to an introductory price sheet.  It gets very ‘busy’ to list every price for every blemish.  The price list gives a general view of the more requested treatments.  Treatment prices are based on surface area.  During your initial consultation, a firm price will be established.  All prices are per treatment administered and are due when the service is provided.  We accept cash, checks and credit cards. We feel that the Plentywood Clinic prices are very fair and within the reach of most clients who will desire such treatments.  We ask you to compare elsewhere for value.

What does it feel like afterwards and does the skin change?  Depending on your skin type and the treatment chosen you may well feel a slight skin tightening similar to a light suntan followed a few days later by sloughing of the brown spots and the gradual working to the surface of the loosed, damaged hairs.  During this stage we recommend a quality lubricating cream and sun avoidance with cover-ups and sunscreens for a period of two weeks.  Sun on recently treated skin can cause brown pigment to return.

Are there serious complications?  When done properly on healthy candidates there is little chance of long term disfigurement.  One has to realize that these treatments give a dramatic reduction in unwanted skin blemishes, but they do not reverse the aging process, nor give the 45 year man or woman the same skin they had at 20.

Are there precautions that should be taken?  There are some general precautions that should be observed.  Follow this link.  More

I have heard that lasers treat cancers.  Does this device treat skin cancer?  No, these devises are only for the treatment benign skin blemishes.  Some premalignant growths are candidates for treatment, but they may require a skin biopsy before treatment commences.  More

Can children be treated?  It is very safe and effective treatment for warts and skin discolorations on all children.

What can I expect?   Light therapy treatments at the Plentywood Clinic are initiated with a  consultation from a trained nurse.  At that time your questions and expectations will be addressed.  Following this, if you decide that you wish to proceed with therapy, you will be examined by a physician, and a treatment plan will be created.  Should you already be in the clinic for other reasons and have questions about aesthetic treatments, feel free to inquire. More

What is hair reduction?  Because phototherapy only affects the growing hair follicle, and at any given time fewer than half of the hair in any one part of the body is growing, IPL treatments effectively reduce the amount of hair in the treated area.  IPL does not remove all of the hair in the treatment area.  With multiple treatments, the need to shave is reduced or even eliminated.  More