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Breaking news:  The Plentywood Clinic has been offering Hologic Dexa scans since December of 2005.  In the late summer of 2006, the Clinic will begin offering phototherapy for unsightly skin conditions.


Since 1998 we have published a newsletter to help our patients keep up-to-date on changes in medical practice that may affect them.  It also acts a means of communicating information about our practice to our patients.  We will have a copy of the “Pillbox” on this page and include other information as the need may arise

Pillbox Vol2 Is4
Pillbox Vol2 Is 3
Pillbox Vol 2 Is2
Pillbox Vol 2 Is 1
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Pillbox Vol 1 Is 4
Pillbox Vo 1 Is 3
Pillbox Vol 1 Is 2
Pillbox Vol1 Is 1