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Baby Mania!

            Travis and Tressa (Our Receptionist) Wang had a baby boy Bridger Hudson on March 10th, 2000.  He joins a big brother Zachery age 6 at home. 

            Doug and Lisa (Our Nurse) Fawcett had a baby girl, Bryn Marie on June 26th, 2000.  She joins a big brother Kyle age 3 at home.              Congratulations to both families, Tressa is already back to work 2 days a week and Lisa will be back to work the end of September.


Quest Billing

            Some of our Medicare patients have been getting bills from Quest Diagnostics for lab tests drawn at The Plentywood Clinic.  Quest Diagnostics is an outside lab that we use to perform lab tests we are unable to do in the office.  They are having problems with their billing for Medicare patients.  Some of their problems have consisted of their computer not picking up the right diagnosis code, and some are that their billing department isnít picking up the Medicare information on the requisition.  If you receive any billing from Quest Diagnostics, please bring them up to the clinic so that we can get the information corrected and sent back to Medicare.

CHIP Program

            Childrenís Health Insurance Plan is a new state program developed for children who have been uninsured for the past three months.   CHIP is designed to help children from Montanaís working families.  Financial eligibility is based on a familyís adjusted gross income.  Some eligibility requirements consist of the child being under 19 years of age, a Montana resident, not covered by health insurance for the past 3 months, not eligible for Medicaid, parent not employed by the State of Montana, and must meet income guidelines.  There is an enrollment fee and some patientís may be required to pay a copayment. 

            Applications for CHIP are available in most county health departments, public assistance offices, health care facilities, WIC offices, Head Start facilities, Indian Health Services, and through school counselors.  Electronic applications are available on the DPHHS web site at  You may also call 1-800-421-6667 and an application will be sent to you.  For additional information about CHIP, call CHIP at Department of Public Health and Human Services, 406-444-6971.


Itís A Girl Thing

            The Plentywood Clinic and Planned Parenthoodís Education Department is offering a Growing Up workshop for parents and their children.  These interactive workshops explore the many aspects of growing up, while emphasizing how to communicate openly and positively about what can be sensitive topics.

            This workshop is for girls who have completed 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.  The workshop will be July 19th, from 11 AM until 2 PM, in the Jubilee Room at Sheridan County Courthouse.  The cost is $10 per parent/child and pizza and snacks will be provided.  The class will be taught by Jackie Lloyd, M.S., Director of Education and Training at Planned Parenthood in Billings.

            Participants will be taught the importance of parents serving as the primary sexuality educators for their children.  Understand the physical, emotional, and social aspects of puberty, and learn positive communication techniques and gain an increased comfort level when talking about sexuality.  Sexuality learning is a lifelong process, which occurs from infancy to old age.  We all make mistakes in our efforts to communicate about sexuality with our children.  Sexual learning is a lifelong process for parents also.  The Plentywood Clinic and Planned Parenthood recognize that families are unique and therefore believe parents make the best sexuality educators for their children.  It is important that parents communicate their family values to their children.  If you and your child are interested, please call The Plentywood Clinic to pre-register at 406-765-1501, by 5 PM July 18th.


Thank You

            Thank you to all who attended the Osteoporosis Awareness Workshop.  We had a great turn out and did 273 Sahara Bone Density Tests.  Approximately 25% of those tested are likely to have osteoporosis.  We would also like to apologize to those who did not get a bone density test done.  With the overwhelming response, we ran about 2 hours behind all day.  Therefore, we stopped taking names at 5pm instead of 7pm.  We did finish up around 8:30pm and had we taken more names it would have been much later.  Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank everyone who participated.


School Sports Physicals!


The Plentywood Clinic will be doing physicals on the following days for the following schools


Thurs., Aug 3rd - Westby @ 8:30am at School

Mon., Aug 7th - Flaxville/Outlook @ 1pm at Clinic

Wed., Aug 9th - Medicine Lake @ 8:30am at School

Thurs., Aug 10th - Plentywood @ 8:00am at School


Kids need to bring a urine sample, physical sheets & $11.00 WITH THEM when they come.  You may want to check with your school to see if they pay for these.


Anyone can come to these scheduled times, regardless of what school you go to.  Anyone who canít attend one of these times, can make an appointment at the Clinic by calling

765-1501, this will cost $20.00 instead of $11.00



The Plentywood Clinic

Will be closed

Saturday July 15th and July 22nd.


All doctor visits are by appointment only.  The following is a schedule for the Plentywood Clinic.


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                                                THURSDAY  AM  ONLY


                                                SAT  9 - 11 (WALK-INS)

A. SKORPIL, PAC              MONDAY



To make an appointment with either Dr. Stoner or Amber Skorpil, you need to call the Plentywood Clinic at 406-765-1501

Emergency room protocol dictates that unless you specifically request the services of your own family physician, you may be assigned to the ER doctor on call. If you have questions, call the Plentywood Clinic at 765-1501.