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We have wide ranging diagnostic techniques available.  The following images are an introduction to some those presently available
.Sahara Bone Density by Hologic.  This device measures the density of bone at the heel by means of ultrasound.  It is a good screening test for osteoporosis and may prove to be beneficial for monitoring treatment of osteoporosis
. Spirometer by Welch Allyn is used to assess lung function in asthmatics and patients with chronic lung disease
The audiometer and tympanometer are used to evaluate hearing loss and ear problems
The vision tester is used for administrative examinations such as those required by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration.
The Reflotron blood analyzer is used for cholesterol and potassium checks as well as the evaluation of hepatic and renal disease.
The DCA2000+ hemoglobin A1C tester is used to monitor diabetes treatment.
The QBC CBC machine checks for anemia and white corpuscle counts.
The CoaguCheck monitors treatment with warfarin.


Cardiac evaluation with basics such as ECG (shown), X-Ray, Holter monitor and 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (not shown)


PAP smear abnormalities are evaluated with the aid of the Video Colposcope
X-Ray is used to help evaluate bone and joint disorders as well as cardiac and pulmonary problems