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Health Maintenance

We follow and recommend established guidelines for preventative and screening care for all age groups.  This includes vaccinations for all age groups, periodic screenings for various cancers and treatable medical illnesses as well as advise on medical related topics. The following is a nonexclusive list of some of these recommendations:

    Infants: Polio, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, Pneumococcus, Haemaphilus Influenza, and herpes zoster vaccinations.  Periodic growth monitoring and developmental assessments.

    Adolescents and young adults: health education and screening for cardiac risk.

    Middle-aged and older adults: cardiac risk and cancer screening i.e. PAP smears for cervical cancer, mammography for breast cancer, flexible sigmoidoscopy for colon cancer, PSA for prostate and skin surveillance for skin cancers.

    We presently perform administrative exams for the FAA (class 2 and 3), DOT, Immigration exams, SSDI, Army National Guard, as well as many other business related examinations: insurance, etc.



We have in-office radiology, spirometry, EKG, Sahara bone density testing, screening audiometry, tympanometry, blood testing for hematological, renal and hepatic malfunction, lipids, endoscopy, allergy testing, colposcopy, and various biopsy capabilities.  In 2005 we began offering Dexa Scans for the diagnosis of osteoporosis.  Off site cardiac stress testing and advanced blood testing done at a national reference laboratory can generally be completed in a reasonable period of time. .


We offer a wide range of therapeutic services from standard prescription medications for recognized medical illnesses to in-hospital surgical therapy.  We also have the capability of administering intravenous medications in the office.  We treat various muscle and joint conditions with injectable medications including viscous supplementation for arthritis of the knees.  With the 2006 addition of phototherapy, we are able to offer our patients the option of treating unsightly skin blemishes.

We have been involved with rural medical practice in this region for over 40 years and have seen therapeutic endeavors evolve dramatically.  We continue to offer a wide range of options and feel that one of our greatest strengths is the knowledge that has been gleaned from this experience.  We are available to discuss these options with our patients.